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Why Facilities Choose Us

Now with the transformation of national healthcare and the need to cut cost, higher acuity patients are being transferred out of hospitals at an increasing rate.

Successful Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) need clinical expertise to attract medically complex rehab patients and demonstrate superior outcomes at their locations –  decrease readmission rates to acute care hospitals, improve functional outcomes, and improve overall patient satisfaction scores.  

This helps SNFs to competitively differentiate themselves and improve outcomes.  A big way SNFs can standout is to partner with Integrative Physiatry Physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatrists).

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Why Facilities Love Us

1. Direct support from a dedicated Physiatry to your facility to provide in-house consultation.

2. Prevention of hospital readmissions.  

3. Improved patient care throughout the patients stay, all the way to ensuring a safe discharge plan.

4. High-quality documentation unique to each individual patient to support medical care, support therapy, RAC Audits, and federal surveys.

5. Increased patient satisfaction scores.

6. Coordinated care through team interdisciplinary conferences, family meetings, Medicare meetings.

7. Best and most up-to-date practices taught to your staff and rehabilitation team by Board-Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians.

8. Constant communication between the families, therapists and the medical team about the patients’ progress and achievement of functional goals.

9. Innovative medical recommendations on physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for diseases such as strokes, spasticity, dysphagia, cognitive retraining, pain management, and post-surgical care.

10. Provides your facility a competitive advantage over your competition by providing specific services that only a Physiatrist and Rehabilitation physician can offer.

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Better Outcomes and Reimbursements

Our physiatrists will create a comprehensive rehab program, along with your rehabilitation department, that is geared to the individualized needs of your patients to maximize their functional potential.

Our doctors partner with your facility to coordinate patient care with the patients’ families combined with your interdisciplinary teams that are managing patient care.  We are committed to the positive advancement of patients through their programs to reduce incidence of hospital readmits, increasing patient satisfaction scores, reduce short term pain scores – all of which helps facilities create a competitive advantage in the community at large.​

Contact us to learn how we can help your facility at zero or no cost or risk.  We’d love the opportunity for you to meet one of our expert teams members and show you how we can achieve better outcomes for your facility.

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