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WHAT do we do?

Integrative Physiatry's mission statement is improving more lives through rethinking physician care. Our goal is to help doctors step away from the office and get back to doing what they love... helping people! 


How does the model work? Integrative Physiatry has hired over 100 physiatrists across the nation and positions them with some of the best SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities) to allow them to get back to focusing on their passion. 


All doctors working for Integrative Physiatry have full control of their work schedule, allowing them to work any number of days they want a week. Want to work 3 days a week? Great! Want to work 7 days a week? No problem.


If that wasn't enough, doctors are fully removed from the tedious headache of running an office. Leave it to one of our expert Physician Liaison who will manage all administrative work for you and will always be around to give you updates and reports on your day-to-day.    



What Do Our Doctors Think?

"The salary here at Integrative Physiatry is great!

I am making much more now than I was before."

Who is this for?

Integrative Physiatry is perfect for a doctor that is looking to make a healthy income while working at their own pace, without needing to travel too far from home.


We all understand that sometimes "life" gets in the way of your career or passion. Whether you want to spend more time with your family or focus some time on hobbies or side ventures, Integrative Physiatry can help fill in the gaps! Let us find a time and place that works best for you, and you just focus on enjoying some "me time". 







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Let's talk salary!

Integrative Physiatry has developed a formula that allows doctors to make a healthy income while controlling their schedule as if it were their own business. How much you earn is all predicated on how much you work, but based on previous doctors and crunching the numbers, the data shows that the average doctor working 4 days a week is making $405,000 annually. On the other hand, Physiatrists that are not working with Integrative Physiatry, on a full-time schedule, average $250,000 annually. 


Our motto is, "3 day weekend, every weekend"


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Integrative Physiatry created a proprietary custom portal for all doctors to utilize, called Integrative Dashboard. This portal gives you full access to dozens of resources at the push of a button. Offering features such as weekly journal clubs, advanced forums, quick communication from our in-house support, and so much more, all in one convenient space! Did we mention it's all FREE!


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