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Integrative Physiatry was designed by doctors for doctors. We have developed a way to find a niche group of doctors working in the field of physiatry and have set up a system to give them their life back. 


Our founders, Henry K. Lee, D.O. and Victoria Chang, M.D. knew the struggle of building their own practice, scheduling patients, managing a business, and making time for their family. It became harder and harder to squeeze in time with their patients and do it efficiently, and that's where integrative physiatry was born. 


Having kids of their own and managing other day-to-day tasks, this couple knew they needed to offer a program for doctors to be able to fully control the number of hours they worked, while still earning the same, if not more than what they were making prior. 


Dr. Lee and Dr. Chang also knew that quality of work was extremely important as well. That's why when they set out to find clinics, they made sure that every doctor that was positioned in each facility would be able to enjoy coming into work every day. 


Our goal is to offer a work experience unlike any other and allow our doctors to get back to doing what they love! 

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